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             Some Testimonials for Accelerated-State Conditioning

"Your therapy was by far the best one offered by the hospital".  Tom H., patient, St. Luke's Behavioral Health Hospital, Phoenix, Az.

"I have a friend whom I've become somewhat emotionally involved with and he is manic. This literature I found on the "net" from you has been truly inspiring and helpful in understanding this disease.  My God, our God, has made our minds the most powerful tools that we rarely use to the full extent that was given.  Just wanted to thank you for sharing with the world!"  
Connie C.

"I had this gift (the ability to create an endorphin rush at will) my entire life and lost the ability in high school after a physical fight.  And, I don't know at what point it came back, I just felt that it was always a bad thing to "depend" on the feelings, similar to how a drug user might depend on drugs.  But your article was very well written and disuaded me from that notion.  I spent about 5 minutes doing rushes (recently) and all the next day there was a noticable difference, notably with anxiety levels!  I've always thought that the feelings were attributable to endorphins.  I wish I knew someone in the medical field who could shed even more light onto this, because I think ASC (Accelerated-State Conditioning) has potential to blow 
"Your process is a lot easier to do than many I have studied in the past. I hope you are passing this process along to some psychologists as they will appreciate the multiple endorphin rushes that a person can generate in a few minutes"  
Verna E.
away virtually every other technique I've heard of."  
James T.

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