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                         [Book Draft: 2nd Edition]

        Chapter One: Definition Wow, that's new and different! 

"I don’t know what to do!” cried Scrooge, laughing and crying in the same breath; making a perfect Laocoon of himself with his stockings. “I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel,  I am as merry as a school-boy. I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to everybody! A happy New Year to all the world! Hallo here! Whoop! Hallo!”  
(From a Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.)  
                             Some Brief History Regarding
                    Accelerated-State Conditioning's Origins

In 1976 I discovered, quite by accident, an amazing idea. One that has led to the development of an extremely effective tool for elevating positive mood and permanently change behavior.  

A technique so powerful, that with practice, a person can get from a normal mood, or even a depression, to feelings of joy and elation within minutes. An idea which has led to the creation of a fast, easy, fun yet extremely powerful daily motivational routine.   

            Some Personal Benefits from Using the Routine

This revolutionary routine has helped me drastically reduce, and in some cases eliminate, mood swings (from depression to mania), introversion and shyness, over-eating, sales-call reluctance, and severe stage fright.  

Today at age 75; I'm working, dancing and exercising like some one half my age! Years of dealing with over-eating, social fears, wide mood swings, especially depression, are virtually gone and I attribute these blessings primarily to the motivational routine I’ve developed over the years and named "Accelerated-State Conditioning" or "ASC" for short. 

                Some Lessons Learned from Using ASC    

What I feel I’ve learned to develop with the ASC routine, among other things, is the ability to generate an intense change in my "internal brain
chemistry", resulting in an immediate and dramatic elevation in positive emotion (e.g. euphoria and joy) and, if I was in a slump, an elevation in positive mood lasting hours.  All of this by performing this very specific mental/behavioral routine in association with a completely new and unique "conditioning-learning-biofeedback" technique. 

With Accelerated-State Conditioning, I accidentally learned how to create one or more episodes of "frisson". Frisson is a french word meaning cold and refers to the physiological response commonly called “chills” or “thrills”. The type of frisson I'm referring to is evidenced by "goosebumps", “gooseflesh” and an intense wave of pleasure throughout the body lasting several moments. 

Frisson can be associated with fear but the frisson I'm referring to is the exact opposite of fear and is evidenced by a moment of intense excitement, sometimes even mild euphoria which may be caused or accompanied by very strong surges or elevated levels in dopamine, the endorphins and many other mood-elevating neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and neurohormones.  

From all I’ve read, these chemicals are the natural, brain and body-made chemicals associated with positive emotions. And, by flooding my system with such large quantities of these chemicals (far more than life normally generates and within seconds), my positive emotion escalates dramatically in just a few moments resulting in an immediate “natural high”, similar to a “runner's high” or “stage-performer's high”.

And what I've learned is that I can self-produce episodes of frisson  every few seconds during this daily routine using this a completely new and revolutionary conditioning-learning-biofeedback technique.  I've taught myself how to produce and tolerate more endorphins, dopamine and related chemicals of positive emotion in five minutes than I’d previously experienced in months, sometimes years! 

We’re all familiar with the ability to lower our blood pressure with biofeedback. Now, Accelerated-State Conditioning gives us a similar tool to raise our positive emotions “at will” and within minutes.

But, even if a person is not interested in mood elevation, the second component of the ASC routine that’s designed to permanently change behavior is equally new and powerful.  What I’ve learned is a better way to change behavior, to include the elimination of unwanted habits and the creation of desireable new ones.  A revolutionary method that changes habits sub-consciously easily and quickly with little or no effort!

I don’t know why, but for some reason I was blessed with not one but two powerful, unique and even groundbreaking insights.  First, the ability to accelerate positive emotion in minutes, without chemicals and second, a better, faster way to change behavior!    

                          Why Isn't ASC Well Known?

Now I can imagine you're thinking, if Accelerated-State Conditioning is this powerful why haven't I heard of it?  Why don't mental health professionals know about it and teach it?  Legitimate questions, to be sure. 

Well, it's very possible one answer is, because it's a new idea! And, as we all know, many new ideas come from outside a field of learning.  
According to Amit Goswami, author of "Quantum Creativity", creativity is a discontinuous, nonalgorithmic quantum jump from one pattern of thinking into a completely new one".  

Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of "Grow Younger, Live Longer", quoting Goswami says, "it's a quantum leap, a paradigm shift, from
one pattern to another without progressing through incremental steps in between”.  Creative advances in art, and science represent new leaps of imagination that could not have been predicted on the basis of the prevailing patterns".  In other words, I had "a flash of insight" regarding Accelerated-State Conditioning and it could just as
easily have happened to you, or someone else, no matter what their education or background.

                               A Little Personal History

I moved to The Greater Metropolitan Phoenix area at the age of eight.  After high school I joined the Army and was discharged three years later with a rank of Specialist Fifth Class.  From there I returned to Phoenix and attended Arizona State University  from which I graduated in 1967 with a B.S. degree in Psychology. I worked for a few years in the financial industry and then in 1972 decided to make a career of real estate sales.

As I've stated above, I started in sales with a significant handicap.  I was extremely shy, over-weight and suffered from severe state fright. 
During my search for and use of various self-help techniques (including Self-Talk and Psycho-Cybernetics) to overcome these personal handicaps, as mentioned, I made what I feel was an "significant psychological discovery". A unique and revolutionary  concept that's given birth to Accelerated-State Conditioning.

I've perfected this routine (primarily for my own use but occasionally training others in the routine) throughout my career.  I've over-come any fears I've had about the routine creating unwanted mania (a prior fear that has kept me from promoting the routine to others to much extent) and now I feel it's so "ground breaking" and important to teach that I call it "The World's Most Powerful Daily Motivational
Routine"!  A routine that has given me the ability to personally evoke  an " intense, natural high" in less than one minute! A routine that I've used to create “thousands” of frissons over a period of 35 plus years (and to my great benefit I might add).

At this time, I'm coming out of retirement from 35 years of periods of occasional high achievement in residential mortgage sales (1994 Salesman of the Year with HomeAmerican Mortgage (a sister company to Richmond American Homes) and residential real estate sales (1.3 million dollars in residential real estate commissions in 2005 with Liberty Properties).

Today, I'm working in my third career as a motivational author, consultant and trainer. I've recently self-published this book on Amazon.com and self-published an eBook of the same name on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com which, as you may well know, distributes to book-resellers worldwide.  I'm also active in social media and seeking public speaking opportunities. 

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