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                                           [Draft 2nd Edition Book ]

             Chapter Four: Altered States of Consciousness: 
                     Some Valid Reasons For Altering Consciousness

                                     Altered-State as an Individual Choice

As I've said, I only use Accelerated-State Conditioning to create a temporary high for a few minutes a day.  And then I use traditional and custom relaxation techniques (outlined in Chapter 6) to return to a normal state of consciousness.  But, in my opinion, there certainly is the option for retaining these altered states of consciousness for longer periods of time.  

            Stated Reasons for Wanting to Alter Consciousness.

It may be that getting high is a perfectly natural desire but western culture puts a damper on it for social reasons.

The following list contains some of the reasons people have expressed for wanting to alter consciousness:

1. Personal growth and development
2. Pain reduction
2. Self-exploration
4. Healing (physical and emotional)
5. Spiritual growth 
6. An interest in mystical experiences
7. Curiosity 
8. Stress reduction
9. Pleasure
10. Insight into potential
11. Creativity
12. Expanded consciousness

Naturally, this is a personal choice, and up to an individual.  I'm not condoning it (in fact my warning in the next chapter I encourage oversight by a mental health professional for certain individuals when creating euphoria or hyperthymia).  I'm simply stating that, in my opinion, Accelerated-State Conditioning offers an individual that choice.  And unlike many natural and manufactured drugs that alter consciousness, the ASC routine is legal and requires no prescription.  At least that's the case today; who knows about the future!

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