[2nd Edition Draft]                                                                            
                Accelerated-State Conditioning:                                          A 5-minute daily motivational routine designed to 
                      elevate mood and permanently change behavior.  
                                                   Table of Contents

Author's​ Introduction:

Chapter One: Definition: Wow, that's new and different!

Chapter Two: The Theory:  How can something this fast and fun work so well? 

Chapter Three: The Benefits: Shouldn't everyone be using this? 

Chapter Four: Altered States of Consciousness: Some Valid Reasons For Altering Consciousness

Chapter Five: The Exercise: Tricky but simple; once you get it; you love it 

Chapter Six:  Some History: Yep, I can see how that idea sprang forth!

Chapter Seven:: Final Notes & Thoughts: Gosh, this just gets better and better!

Addendum A: SuprAffs: Not all affirmations are alike!


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