Positive Affirmations - Definition
According MindPowerPlus.com, a popular website promoting the use of affirmations, positive affirmations are positive statements or messages. Affirmations that are heard and repeated often enough can have a pronounced effect upon the user. Positive, high impact phrases can actually change your life for the better as they act as a counter-weight to all of the negative messages you hear daily through radio, TV and the media (not to mention all the negativity you may carry over from childhood)”. That’s because they affect your subconscious mind.

The easiest way to change and improve the quality of your life is to change or improve your perception of yourself. This can all be accomplished with powerful affirmations that can quiet negative thought patterns and discipline your mind.

With regards to why we use affirmations during the SuprAffs routine; repeating positive words and phrases is a proven psychological self-help process for changing, adding or removing specific behaviors and habits. This process is known as “affirming”.