Accelerated-State Conditioning (ASC) Theory:    

The ASC daily motivational routine is designed to elevate positive emotion to any degree desired, even to an altered-state of consciousness commonly called euphoria or "a natural high".  This altered (or "accelerated"-state) is accompanied (or caused) by elevated levels of "the chemicals of positive emotion".  These natural, endogenous brain and body chemicals include the neurotransmitters/hormones dopamine, serotonin and the endorphins.

ASC theory states that an individual can deliberately evoke or "trigger"  multiple episodes of frisson (cold chills, shudders, rushes, etc.) "at will" during the routine. A recent study (Salimpoor 2011) has shown a link or association between the experience of frisson and elevated levels of endogenous (natural) dopamine.

The ASC theory states that the ASC daily routine is also capable of permanently changing behavior through its basic autosuggestion platform called SuprAffs (short for super affirmations). The use of affirmations have been well documented to have an effect on the sub-conscious which is thought to control habits, conditioned-responses, automatic behavior, etc.. Examples of behavior changes brought about using the ASC routine include the elimination of unwanted habits, and the creation of new desirable habits.

SuprAffs contain five (5) specific components:

1.  SuprAffs are "BELIEVABLE".  When you repeat an affirmation that you don't especially believe you're probably creating more problems than you are solving.
An unbelievable affirmation such as "I'm rich" (if in fact you are not) may create a negative response sub-consciously. Therefore, if your goal is to become "rich" you're much better off to repeat a positive affirmation such as "I like it when I spend time each reading material on how to improve myself financially".

2.  SuprAffs are "SPECIFIC".  When you repeat a positive affirmation, the more specific the wording the more likely it is to become effective.  For example, instead of saying "I like it when I watch my weight, a more specific positive self-affirmation might be "I LIKE it when I weigh myself every morning".

3. SuprAffs are repeated while "VISUALIZING" that which you are trying to bring about.  For example, if your positive affirmation is about weight control and you want to establish the habit of weighing daily then you could picture yourself on the scale while repeating the SuprAff.

4. If possible, SuprAffs are repeated while in state of "ELEVATED POSITIVE EMOTION"  There is evidence that learning can be brought about faster and more effectively when in an elevated mood.

5. SuprAffs are ideally repeated out loud (or read) at least once daily and preferably "THREE (3) TIMES DAILY" (when possible; morning, afternoons and evenings) until the unwanted habit is eliminated or the new habit is well established.